Scientific Paranormal Video Data

The following contains video clips picked up by our team on various investigations. Ratings are determined based on how likely the photo is paranormal. These extend between 0.1 (lowest) and 5.0 (highest). Higher ratings indicate a greater quality and likelihood of paranormal activity. Lower ratings indicate poor quality and ambiguity between natural and paranormal.

Please note that these individual pieces are collected here to showcase the differences in quality of data by separating them through a rating scale. The rating is presented by factors such as light, shadows, objects and people in the area, reflections, etc. For more pieces of data, please see other cases conducted by going to our "Cases" section.

5.0-4.0 rating Videos

Video - Free Floating Light
Unidentified Light Appears
Investigation: Lowville Re-investigation
Date: 3/20/09
Rank: 4.1
Comments: This video was taken by a stationary miniDV camera that was positioned in an old near-abandoned barn area by the home. This barn area was said to contain many claims of paranormal activity. The light appears in the top, slightly left center of the video, near an open doorway. A light appears to appear in the center of this doorway, then fade away. Flashlights are unlikely as more light would be coming in through the doorway and more reflective light would appear on more objects. Car headlights are also unlikely as no car engine is heard in the video and the same reflective lights are not seen here. This light seems to be self-contained in this one location and may even be free-floating.

4.0-3.0 rating Videos

Video - Cord Object Moving
Hanging Cord Moves
Investigation: Maryland Ave Revisited
Date: 1/25/08
Rank: 3.2
Comments: This video clip shows a cord-like object that appears to move swiftly back and forth. This only occured once during this investigation. The reason for why this object is moving is unclear. Please focus on the reflective object just below the table, which is dangling in the air. It will move slightly as a part of natural gravity, then shake very rapidly for no apparent reason. No one person was in contact with the object, and there was no air draft flow to have caused this to occur only once.

3.0-2.0 rating Videos

Video - Flashlight Off/On
Flashlight Turns Off and On
Investigation: Johnson City, NY
Date: 2/19/10
Rank: 2.1
Comments: This video occurs during an EVP session at a case in a bedroom of a home. When asked if a flashlight can be turned on and off, the flashlight appears to do just that, as recorded on video. However, flashlight manipulation has been known to cause multiple errors, such as when the base of the flashlight is just far enough away from the metal bracket attached to the battery to turn on the flashlight. It has been given a lower rating due to this ambiguity.

2.0-1.0 rating Videos

Video - Unnusual Light
Unnusual Light Trail
Investigation: Deep River Library
Date: 7/10/10
Rank: 1.3
Comments: This video footage from a security infrared DVR shows a large light that seems to trail down the camera. This has been given a very low rating because this light appears to be moving very slowly, in one direction, down. While a bug is most likely not the case, a large piece of dust or lint moving slowly down can be reflected in the IR light of the camera, to produce this effect.

Video - Slight Door Movement
Slight Door Open
Investigation: Tupper Lake Home
Date: 2/4/11
Rank: 1.1
Comments: This video footage from a DVR shows a door moving slightly ajar (left) on its own accord. It is given a low rating because you can see a light going on near the right door, indicating someone has just moved there. It is possible that the door opening/closing in another area creates an air pressure draft and/or vibration that could make the other door open, which is a common occurrence.

1.0 to "Debunked" rating Videos

Video - Bug
Buf flying
Investigation: Groton Church
Date: 4/18/08
Rank: 0.0 (Debunked)
Comments: This video clip shows a fast moving light traveling from left to right about halfway through the video. This was instantly determined to be a bug (most likely a large fly or moth), due to its brightly shaped body, elongated body, and the slight movement of wings on the top and bottom of the light. This is a great example of how bugs can cause video light anomalies.

Video - Reflection
Reflection faint in corner, thought to be an apparition
Investigation: Madison Barracks
Date: 4/18/08
Rank: 0.0 (Debunked)
Comments: This video clip shows a humanoid light coming from the bottom center door and walking a few steps towards the left, then fading out. We have de-bunked this light footage to be that of a complex array of light reflecting from a car, between mirrors, trees, then finally hitting the background you see. Even still, we present this video as an extremely convincing case of how humanoid lights can easily be mistaken for paranormal even though they are natural. If you cannot see the light, turn your monitor to increase contrast. it will appear close to the center of the video, near the right door after 2-3 seconds into the video and "walk" from right to left for 1.5-2 seconds.

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