Scientific Paranormal Photographic Data

The following contains photos picked up by our team on various investigations. Ratings are determined based on how likely the photo is paranormal. These extend between 0.1 (lowest) and 5.0 (highest). Higher ratings indicate a greater quality and likelihood of paranormal activity. Lower ratings indicate poor quality and ambiguity between natural and paranormal.

Please note that these individual pieces are collected here to showcase the differences in quality of data by separating them through a rating scale. The rating is presented by factors such as light, shadows, placement of image, background, distortions, etc. For more pieces of data, please see other cases conducted by going to our "Cases" section.

5.0-4.0 rating Photographs

Photo - Unnusual Light
Unnusual Light
Investigation: N/A
Date: N/A
Rank: 4.3
Comments: This photograph was taken outside and not on an offical investigation. Still, it is presented as interesting data to consider. The clip contains a dark picture of a tree with the flash of the camera lighting up the ground. However, a bright ball of light is seen above the tree branch. This light appears to be giving off its own light, has a tail (indicating fast movement) and is actually not touching the tree branch at all. These attributes make this an interesting picture, although we cannot rule out the fact that this could be an insect moving, even though no wings or other tell-tale insect signs are present.

4.0-3.0 rating Photographs

Photo - Unnusual Thermal Image
Unnusual  Light
Investigation: Johnson City NY
Date: 4/16/10
Rank: 3.5
Comments: This photograph was taken outside into a window where the room contained claims of paranormal activity. One thermal clip had a normal upper window with no anamolies while this photo contains a cold area (blue) from the center window. The cold area itself is not paranormal, but this was the only time that this area became this temperature while all other subsequent times it appeared the same temperature as the sides of the window (green).

3.0-2.0 rating Photographs

Photo - Strong Shadow
Strong Shadow
Investigation: Rome NY Home
Date: 4/9/10
Rank: 2.2
Comments: This photograph was taken during an investigation near a room with a door open. What is unnusual about this photo is that the shadow from the room appears to be much stronger than the rest of the area. In addition a faint outline with a shadow is seen on the right wall. However, what should also be noted is that there is a strong flash reflected from the ground, which could blind the camera lens into creating that dark shadow. Other objects could account for the image outline.

2.0-1.0 rating Photographs

Photo - N/A

Investigation: N/A
Date: N/A
Rank: N/A
Comments: N/A

1.0 to "Debunked" rating Photographs

Photo - "Orbs", aka - Dust

Investigation: Maryland Ave
Date: 11/28/07
Rank: 0.0 (Debunked)
Comments: This photograph taken shows a great example of the common mistake people have when viewing pieces of dust, mistaking them for paranormal evidence. The slang term, "orbs", have been used to describe this effect, but in reality, this is just dust that is reflecting the flash from the camera. Several key factors to determine this are true. The dust particular in question have A) a transparent background, B) a static round edge, indicating no or little movement beyond gravity and faint wind and C) Contains no internal light. This is determined by seeing if surrounding objects are actually "lit up" by the object in question.

Photo - False Mist
False Mist
Investigation: N/A
Date: N/A
Rank: 0.0 (Debunked)
Comments: This photograph was taken outside and not on an offical investigation. it is presented to show what can happen to a camera setting when low light is presented. A combination of humidity, reflections from the ground, and the camera lens itself creates a reddish hue on the picture, which is perfectly natural.

Photo - Matrixing
Investigation: N/A
Date: N/A
Rank: 0.0 (Debunked
Comments: This photograph was presented to us by a community member. The photo was taken in a Ghettysburg battlefield. It appears to show a human torso in a rugged outfit between the trees. However, this is actually another tree in the distance as is evident from a reflected wood branch coming from it. This effect is called Matrixing, where the human eye wants to recreate a familir image from unfamilar images. In this case, the unfamiliar tree is reconstructed as a person by the eye.

Photo - Light Drag
Light Drag
Investigation: N/A
Date: N/A
Rank: 0.0 (Debunked)
Comments: This photograph was presented to us by a community member. The picture contains a long light trail. We can tell that this picture is natural because of a few items. First, we can see that this light trail contains multiple "circular" type shapes that are repeating over and over again in a line. This is highly indicative of a single circular shape that is being duplicated over and over again due to a slow shutter speed camera. Secondly, we can see a faint reflection of light from a far-away object. Thirdly, there are other light that appears to be "dragged" around, also indicative of a slow shutter speed. Slow shutter speeds and reflections can create fantastical images, but are completely natural.

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