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Investigation - USS The Sullivans Destroyer
Date: 5/7/10
Location: Buffalo NY
Evidence Found: Very Loud Thud
Female "Excuse Me"

Comments:The entire SP team had the pleasure of being invited onto a historical ship called the USS The Sullivans. This Fletcher-class destroyer served in World War II and the Korean War. Named after the Sullivans Brothers who lost their lives when their ship, the USS Juneau, was sunk by a Japanese submarine during the Battle of Guadalcanal in 1942. This vessel served as an important support during the war and through many battles. In 1965 it was decommissioned and eventually sent to the Buffalo Naval Park as a museum ship.

However, many claims seem to state that the ship is still quite active, at least with paranormal activity. Claims of activity from this ship mostly stem from the bunk areas where sailors would sleep. Some claims state that beds would fall off of their hinges, doors opening, voices and conversations heard through the ship, shadows in corners seen, and various other object movements.

Utilizing a strong 8 camera infrared DVR setup, with dozens of audio devices, mobile infrared video, thermal camera, and various specialty equipment, we were able to wire the entire ship with extremely precise efficiency. However, nature was not on our side as a strong storm was approaching. Contending with high winds and rain, we finished the equipment setup and begin to investigate the area. Understanding that high winds and rain could become noise contaminators, we took to learn more about what might cause natural occurrences with paranormal claims on the ship.

Many pipes were found to cause strange sounds and noises that could be mistaken for a voice easily, as well as voices being carried through pipes from one end of the ship to the other. One investigator thought he heard two male voices having a conversation in the engine room that was known to be empty. While no one was found to be above this area, it was possible for voices to carry through the pipes. The ships rocking during the storm waves were found to be very minor, which would most likely not contribute to any object movements. As the ship was dry-docked, there was little movement onboard. However, during equipment setup, all beds were intact. After our first team went into to investigate, one bed was found flipped on its side. To flip a bed off the hinge was difficult at best, as the bed would have to be manually raised 4-5 inches, and would take significant upward force. High winds would have difficulty (albeit not impossible) to accomplish this, although it should be noted the bed's area was not experiencing any winds as it was located below the ship. As this directly supports a paranormal claim from the client, we marked it as such. Another such time, a cabinet door was found unlatched and open. It would take someone to manually unlatch this door to open it.

Two particular audio clips also were interesting, as one depicts a very loud bang or thud above a team investigating, with no apparent source. This was clearly an object, but was unable to be located. Another time a possible audio clip may say the words "Excuse Me", but due to ambiguity between another team-member, we could only label this as a possibility.

Overall, the history of the ship was incredible as well as its layout. The claims on the ship are interesting, but remain mostly ambiguous. With storms to work with as well as a limited time-frame to investigate in, we were limited in our scope of the area, but remained optimistic that additional chances to investigate this ship (along with others in the bay area), could yield possibilities for greater data to support or refute these claims to separate fact and fiction.