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Investigation Sterling Opera House
Location: Derby, CT
Evidence Found:
Unknown Gasp/Voice . Isolated Clean Version
Unknown Voice
Faint Child Voice (original) . Isolated Clean Version
Child Response . Isolated Clean Version
Unknown Ambiguous Shadow Video

Sample Case Photos:

Lit Opera House Door to Clerks Office Hallway of offices Windows facing area Prision Door Opera Balconies Opera Balconies other side Stairway behind Opera IR Cameras on stage


Scientific Paranormal investigated the historic and widely rumored haunted theater, the Sterling Opera House. The Sterling Opera house was built in 1889 as a theater on April 2nd. The two lower levels served as a city hall and police station. The theater remained in use until 1945 while the city hall and police station were in use until 1965. The opera house was named after Charles Sterling founder of the Charles Sterling Company of Sterling Piano’s, but he passed away before the Opera House was completed in 1887. Many famous performances were seen here including Amelia Earhart addressed the local Women’s Club here in 1936, Harry Houdini, and D.W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation premiere. There are additional unconfirmed reports of people passing away in this building, but we have not confirmed a source yet. More historical research through obituaries and other news articles are still being looked at.

We utilized combined NY and CT team resources to cover the opera house from top to bottom, literally. The Opera House is comprised of multiple tier levels in the main opera room, where a main stage sits at the bottom, and two additional balcony tiers exist above this. In addition, with the government offices appearing below the theater, we needed coverage down there as well. Claims for activity exist for nearly every inch of the opera house, both in the opera areas and in the offices below. We used full IR cameras, digital audios, and a stationary thermal on the opera stage to cover the area.

With storms against us outside, we looked to debunk some of the more obvious claims of doors being swung open, question/response hits from the KII meter from other previous investigations by outside teams, and voices heard. Even with above normal wind speeds of 15-25 mph outside, the doors from the outside appeared to be very heavy, and would take a lot of force to swing open. Internal doors to the opera house also are difficult to open on their own. KII hits were plentiful from within the opera house due to an unknown natural source. This would mean that question and answers with KII meters would be invalid in this area and must be dismissed. The source of the high KII fields remains unknown as other EMF meters did not detect a high EMF field. However, the KII can also pick up additional radio signals, magnetism, and interference. Somehow the strong KII readings are being reflected from the materials of the opera house, or the foundation, in order to coalesce in the center for strong readings. Natural, yet very curious.

During an EVP session behind the opera house stairway, an investigator heard a loud whisper near his ear, strong enough to ask if someone had made it. Upon reviewing the audio, the whisper or gasp like sound was recorded and does not sound like a fellow investigator. Further audio evidence was collected of a small child, both faintly underneath the main stage of the opera house and again in a more clear voice above it. The clarity of one EVP clip of a child gives startling evidence of a paranormal event in the area as it is a direct answer to a question being asked. (An investigator asks if it was "them" making the noises heard and a response is heard "That was me". One ambiguous piece of video footage shows a somewhat unusual shadow moving at the top of the balcony even when a flashlight is shown on it. Upon investigating the area a second time, the shadow does not appear. Further analysis of this area needs to be completed to debunk this piece to determine if it is a bounced shadow reflection off another investigator.

The Scientific Paranormal team covered the Sterling Opera House for all levels with exception to the sub-basement to locate natural explanations for some of the strong claims of the building of paranormal activity. The team was able to present a few ideas for possible explanations such as strong shadow and light play and high base EM, but were unable to completely debunk the majority of the claims. The significant audio evidence captured does point to an intelligent haunting of so far just a small child. No other evidence was definitively captured of any other type of haunting. The team is interested in returning during an earlier time in the afternoon when more activity is reported.

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